Clément Himbert

Musician / Designer

French artist Clément Himbert funded Yitai Arts combining lighting design, music and digital arts in a single approach. His research on collaborative creativity favorizes encounters with architecture, sculpture, design and performing arts.

His achievements as musician, academic and multimedia artist have been awarded in Europe and China.

Clément Himbert studied saxophone in Paris National Superior Conservatory (CNSMDP) where he graduated in instrument, chamber music and pedagogy, before he entered the selective Sorbonne University and Paris Conservatoire Doctoral programme (PhD), where his work on distributed creativity has been awarded with top honors. His research interests lie in the fields of interpretation and creation, he publishes about historic repertoire and practices as well as about contemporary art.

International award winner as soloist and chamber musician (1st Prize in Bayreuth Pacem in Terris woodwind competition), he performs the concerto repertoire internationally, while he also joins ensembles and orchestras in versatile repertoires. Engaged in creation he has worked with Pierre Boulez, Mauricio Kagel, and composers such as Régis Campo, Ryo Daïnobu and Gérard Pesson have dedicated works to him.

As an educator, his activity varies between permanent positions (StEtienne Conservatory in France, Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory in China) and ponctual interventions, for students and teachers. He is a Selmer and D'Addario artist.

Trained in Digital Arts since his studies in Paris Conservatoire included joined projects with IRCAM, he experiments cross-over expressions and wins the first innovatoires competition in Paris, and he now keeps exploring these territories with the Yitai artstits team.

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