Huang Zexuan

Dancer / Choreographer / Manager   

Zexuan Huang shares her activities of choreographer, dancer and educator with the management of Yitai. Her deep understanding of French and Chinese culture allows her to coordinate Yitai multicultural team, while her sense of space, light and rhythm irrigate the company’s creative process.

Born in Guangzhou, trained as a classical dancer in the prestigious Shanghai Ballet School, Zexuan Huang moves to France to study Contemporary Dance where she gets multiple degrees and awards including Lyon's National Choreography Center's State Diploma. She joins a professional Jazz Dance Company for two years before she decides to go back to China.

In 2014 she joins as dancer and choreographer the show to celebrate Sino-French friendship in Haixinsha, Guangzhou's greatest scene, along with French artists Olivier Sens and Clément Himbert. She coordinates Yitai's activity since, while she develops her dance and theater activities. She teaches dance in Guangzhou's Arts Theater, in so musical studio and in Xinghai Conservatory. In 2018 she joins Hong Kong Don Quichotte theater project, where she translates into Cantonese Philippe Gaulier's piece for Jim Chim, the celebrated comedian, and she now collaborates with Mahua Theater for choreography and stage direction.   

Since Yitai's participation at Lyon Fête des Lumières Zexuan Huang initiated a Sino-French collaboration, facilitating communication between the stister cities of Lyon and Guangzhou, especially in the field of lighting, important for both localities. 

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