Canton Tower

2021, Guangzhou China

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Video submitted by Dasen Lights for the Canton Tower Lighting Upgrade Competition

Lighting design, and 3D render by Clément Himbert, lighting programming by Olivier Sens and Clément Himbert, video editing by Zexuan Huang.
2D firework effects by Guangzhou Diango Digital

Our project for the Canton Tower Lighting Upgrade consists in renovating the original indirect lighting, adding a layer of direct lighting, implementing an intelligent control system, interactive and ready for temporary additions (special effects including lasers). The lighting effects follow the Tower’s geometric structure and adapt to the environment and events.
The above video is one of the requirements for the competition, which have been realized in 10 days. The video (except for the last part) is a real-time capture of our first experimentation with control of a large number of fixtures with DMX in a complex virtual environment. Lighting effects are generated with Usine HH5.

Our project is one of the competition winners and most of its content has been validated by the City of Guangzhou for the final realization.

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