Artistic / Technical / International Cooperation

Yitai artist team offer advice on aesthetic choices, whether it regards audio or visuals, for architecture, stage, exhibition, installation or event. We produce well adapted concepts for all kind of projects, taking into account our partner’s intentions as well as the contextual realities. We help realize visions and translate them though intelligent solutions.

Building on our experience in audio, lighting and interactive system as well as on an international network of suppliers, we help finding the best technical solutions, tuned with each project’s quality requirements and cost constraints. Our holistic approach allows a maximized efficiency by avoiding wasting all non-mandatory resource with a constant focus on final result.

Being based in China and France simultaneously, we have extended and practical experience with international cooperation. Starting with our show in Guangzhou celebrating Sino-French friendship in 2014 and building up with our participation in Lyon Lighting Festival in 2018 we coordinated Sino-French teams at all levels, from project concept to logistic and production issues to practical on-site work, addressing organization and management problems as well as regulation issues, whether it is about labor laws or material certification.

In addition, our knowledge of the Chinese lighting industry, multimedia, artistic and educative landscapes allow us to help build international relationships, at an institutional or B2B level.