Control Systems

Music / Sound / Light / Video / Interactive / Intelligent

Using proprietary Usine HH software engine as well as open-source Unreal Engine we propose customed control system for all kinds of media installations.

Sound go from simple stereo to complex multichannel systems including spatial and immersive set- ups, fully electronic generative content or vocal and instrumental sources; diffused through traditional audio, Public Address systems or network protocols.   
Light go from simplest controls to complex pixel mapping, for all existing fixture types and network protocols, with enhanced features such as smoothing, synchronisation, pixel color correction, corrected automation curves etc..    
Video engine allows multiple treatments, live source gathering, network streaming and high definition distributed rendering systems.

All media can be combined in any way: our systems match the user needs, without waste or limitation. Using a unique platform allows all kinds of interactions; Yitai's control systems can be autonomous or added to existing set-ups, for example by adding  sound to existing video, or lighting interactions to a video player, etc., in a master or slave configuration.

We build custom interfaces matching user's needs, intuitive and simple to use, most of the time through touch screen with the possibility of a remote cloud control, via a simple web interface accessible from all devices.
We manage hardware and software, our systems are maintenance free and appearance adapts to projects, whether the need is of a waterproof industrial rack or of an elegant touchscreen in an exhibition space.

We make intelligent systems: complex programming, reactivity to multiple layers of data, probability management... for autonomous installations, precise automation or non-repetitive content.
We test and guarantee our systems and use failure detection as well as redundancy for sensitive situations. We use the most approved industry standards in our hardware configurations and communication protocols to ensure reliability and durability.

All Yitai projects, including landscape lights, performance or video renders, are produced using our control systems.